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{6} Gaspard Ulliel
{40} HIM [+1 header]
{15} Lovex
{25} The Rasmus
{11} Tom Sturridge
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{18} Tarja Turunen [+1 header]
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So, I made a rather large batch of icons and decided to share them. It's only my second time ever making icons, so they're not going to be all that impressive, but they're not bad.

Make sure that you CREDIT and COMMENT if you use, okay? Thanks. =)

70 Icons:
Avenged Sevenfold [3 Synyster Gates]
Cinema Bizarre [1 Shin, 2 Kiro, 6 Yu, 1 random]

Essentia [4 Adam]
Flinch [1 Ville]
Flylow [3 Pauli]
Lovex [2 Julian, 1 random, 6 Vivian, 14 Theon]
Negative [4 Jonne]
Private Line [2 Jack, 1 Sammy]

Sixx:Am [1 Nikki, 3 James, 13 DJ]
Random [1 Cosplay]


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For the record, I know these aren't amazing. However, considering all I have to work with is PhotoImpression4....yeah, they're not bad.
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Hanoi Rocks, Mama Trash and Turku Romantic Movement in B.S zine #31

Just thought of the members of this group might be interest to know Issue 31 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!), glam / sleaze / goth / punk / ‘billy zine is out today and includes an interview with Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe, plus a report on US promoter Mama Trash’s inaugural festival in Helsinki this spring, and a feature on up ‘n’ coming Finnish rockers Turku Romantic Movement. Every copy also comes with a free 16 CD, cover images and full details of contents are Collapse )